Classic Color Meter

There are a few tools I use day-to-day that I couldn't be without, one of them is a colour picker to use on the desktop. Traditionally I used the one that ships with Mac OS X called Digital Color Meter, however at around the time Lion was released there was an update which dropped functionality I was heavily reliant on. The Mac App Store was still in its infancy, but after a few searches I'd found the replacement I was looking for — Classic Color Meter.

Colour display options

It promised to replicate the original functionality of the Digital Color Meter, allowing me to essentially replace the application with this one and carry on as before. Since then it's grown and added some extra functionality which should make it useful to designers and developers across the board.

Warlords of Draenor

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

I've played World of Warcraft on a semi-regular basis for almost ten years now. I started playing because the idea of a free-roaming fantasy world peaked my interest, and having previously played past Warcraft titles I was already a fan of the franchise. Ten years on, with the arrival of the fifth expansion for the game, I'm finding that some of the changes have given me a renewed vigour for the story.

Society6 Shop

I've decided to start selling prints of artwork I'm creating for this site as well as any odds-and-sods that I have lying around. To do so I've opened up a Society6 shop and have listed a few things for sale already. I'll be adding to this list as things appear on the blog that could be repurposed into standalone prints / pieces.

Updating your address when moving house

I'm currently in the throes of moving house. From Glasgow, where I've been for the past thirteen years, back to my native Dumfries.

Aside from packing and arranging to move myself and all my belongings, I've been trying to be pro-active about updating everyone I need to regarding my impending change of address.

Given that, I've knocked together a simple checklist of people and entities I've been updating should it be of use to someone else.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) has been the order of the day for me recently. You might well be reading this via my website, and if you've been here before you'll likely remark that the styling has changed; it now boasts a fully responsive, fantastically sexy new design.

Much of my work for clients of late has been related to building websites which are mobile responsive, as should be the case with all websites in my opinion. Repeatedly building this functionality into various websites has enlightened me to some of the patterns in RWD; my plans are to write a series of articles to share some of what I've gleaned with you lucky people.