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Old Friends

The Silver Hills

The Lady Reborn

Hobby Journal: Day 10: Peasant Pedantry

Hobby Journal: Day 9: Hobby Journal

Hobby Journal: Day 8: Bretonnian Knight Horses

Hobby Journal: Day 7: Bretonnian Archers

Hobby Journal: Day 6: Stripping

Hobby Journal: Day 5: The Old World is coming!

Hobby Journal: Day 4: Stock Take

Hobby Journal: Day 3: Silver Hills Warscroll Cards

Hobby Journal: Day 2: Blood Knights

Hobby Journal: Day 1: Hobby Space

Classic Color Meter

Warlords of Draenor

Society6 Shop

Updating your address when moving house

Responsive Web Design

Using Sequel Pro with Back To My Mac

The user is an idiot, treat them as such

Compress CSS with @import statements

Arguments about design in iOS

Ranking results in a site search

What Will the Next Generation of Devices Offer?

The Transparent Revolution

Absent-mindedly absent


Copying Mail settings between Mac OS X installations

Password Schemes

Using On The Job 3 with Dropbox

Medieval Sniper

Get link to currently playing Spotify track via AppleScript

Clay pots & kettles

Pretty UK Vehicle registration years

Filtered keystrokes with JavaScript

Getting and Setting anchors with JavaScript

Fade between two divs using mootools

Sequel Pro: Manage MySQL Databases under Mac OS X

Connectivity in Social Media

Batch renaming files in Mac OS X

JavaScript custom controls

Get multi-class elements in JavaScript

Adding non-Apple format movies to iTunes


Death by Cunnilingus

iPhone - Masturabatory pleasure for Mac enthusiasts

Dumfries - Rockin' and Rolling

It's Christmas

XDA Exec

Music Questionnaire

Enterprise Computing (M)

It's been a while

At the End of Time...

Project Management

Reading a Research Paper: A beginners guide

Virgin birth recorded

4 stone 1 pounds

The Ricky Gervais Show

3D Sonification with Gestures


Any takers on my offer?

The Guy in the header is Mr. Fawkes

Using LaTeX under Mac OS X

Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story


Getting fresh, or not so

Timmy, a faithful friend departed

Locational Context Change

Flickr apps

Olfactory Clock


I hate my job

Smell, Fringe, Mac

The Secret Garden

Money Wallet

New camera, enroute

Working 9 to 5

Another 7.5

Downtime and nearly worktime

HCI Issues in Collaborative and Distributed Systems 4

Olfactory Summer Studentship

Artificial Intelligence 4

Distributed Algorithms and Systems 4

Software Engineering Processes 4

Database and Internet Technology 4

Safety Critical Systems 4

SCS4 for Derek

Security and Cryptography 4

Real-Time and Embedded Systems (M)

It all begins... tomorrow!

A present from Flickr HQ to say thank you!

Project done

Think you're safe?

Computing scientists slated

Shopping List


Sex Tips?


Dream away the nights

Microchip Hands

Microchip Fingers

The Last Hero


Meet the Fockers


Team America

PC Repairs

An ode, to me!

1 month on

Christmas Cheer

Shack Attack

Mac Gone


How evil are you?

Brainteaser Number 2

Bleeding Apple

Trials and Gerbilations

Little Italy

DAS this look alright to you?

Paella, pizza, poker, cigars, beer and wine


HCI Project: Battling a website

And so it begins...

How much I rule: #26

Fridays Work for Me

25 reasons why I rule so much!

VisiSite Announced

PSD how we love thee

Home for a while

++?????++ Out of Cheese Error. Redo From Start.

It works in IE

Zombies from HELL

Matt takes one in the eye

On a lazy Sunday afternoon

Ruling 24:7!

Frankie & Benny's

I'm back baby!