Hobby Journal: Day 10: Peasant Pedantry

Day 10 of 2024. I decided it'd be a good idea to throw some matt varnish onto my bowmen to tamp down the satin finish of the Army Painter Speedpaints, as they tend to be a bit shiny when uncoated. I gave all the peasant archers a coat of AK Ultra Matt varnish through the airbrush, my preferred varnish.

After doing this I, in my ultimate wisdom, decided it'd be a good idea to apply some edge highlights to the units. It might not be a good idea in the long term to do this on the rank and file troops. It certainly wasn't my plan. For the uninitiated, Warhammer The Old World is a rank and flank game, which involves a lot of miniatures, and if I commit to doing edge highlights it will mean doing this to many, many, models across my entire army.

But I'd rather it look good than be done quickly!

Bowman 1 sculpt

I only did the unit of blue & white bowmen, and I only highlighted the tunics, collars and faces as they're the most prominent details.

All the edge highlights were pretty rough in the interest of time (they are just chaff units after all). The blue tunic got a very bright blue highlight, the grey half of the tunic a cold off-white and the collars got a pure white highlight. I think the collars in particular really stand out with the edge highlight, worth the effort in my opinion.

The image shows the edge highlighted version on the left compared to a non-highlighted one on the right.

Finished sculpt 1

I batch highlighted the same sculpts together, the image to the right shows the second sculpt with edge highlighting (left) compared to an unhighlighted model (right).

Perhaps it's an unnecessary addition to a rank and file troop, but I think it makes a big difference to the model, and helps draw focus to the central part of the mini.

They still look a bit disjoint overall, but I think a lot of that is due to the unfinished bases. Once they're placed in-situ on a larger base with basing materials it'll look much better.

Bowman 2 sculpt
Finished sculpt 2

I also made a start painting up a knight in a similar colour scheme to the unit. The idea being that the bowmen are peasants from the domain of the knight. He's their liege lord and has brought them to the army so they bear his heraldry and colours.

Finished Bowmen