Hobby Journal: Day 8: Bretonnian Knight Horses

Day 8 of 2024. Horses.

Hobby Journal: Day 7: Bretonnian Archers

Day 7 of 2024. Time to get some paint back on to some of these old Warhammer Fantasy models, fulfiling their 28 year old destiny!

Hobby Journal: Day 6: Stripping

Day 6 of 2024. Time to undo some 30 year old hobbying.

Hobby Journal: Day 5: The Old World is coming!

Day 5 of 2024. It's hype time, the reimagining and rerelease of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles game is coming with the arrival of Warhammer: The Old World.

Hobby Journal: Day 4: Stock Take

Day 4 of 2024. As with all things in life, this hobby comes with paperwork!