VisiSite Announced

Forgive me readers for I have sinned, it has been 5 days since my last post.

So we're back at university. Life is good, lectures have started and we are all basically back into the fray of that which is University. Seeing everyone again is ace and getting back into the swing of studying has been easily done. This is a good thing as it has been straight back into the thick of things, no pissy week course on Unix or much of an introduction at all. After all we are the truly hardcore!

Anyway this post is mainly to bring about the attention of my new project which I have proposed. After working on the DECS project over the Summer I was very interested in building some sort of CASE tool. When I consulted the list of 100+ projects I was upset to find nothing of this nature (except of course the DECS extension projects). Therefore after the first of Ray Welland's SEP4 lectures I went to talk to him supervising me building some sort of CASE tool.

After agreeing to this we had a preliminary meeting in which we pulled together all the ideas we had and came up with a rough idea for a project. I then went off and wrote the project proposal which would be officially handed to the university as the details of the project.

Therefore VisiSite was born, I wont go into details here, but the details will be available from the VisiSite home page and the synopsis of the project also available.