Updating your address when moving house

I'm currently in the throes of moving house. From Glasgow, where I've been for the past thirteen years, back to my native Dumfries.

Aside from packing and arranging to move myself and all my belongings, I've been trying to be pro-active about updating everyone I need to regarding my impending change of address.

Given that, I've knocked together a simple checklist of people and entities I've been updating should it be of use to someone else.



There's lots of people and companies out there that'll contact you from time-to-time, you'll have to let them all know you're moving.


Your bank is one of the main entities to tell about your move. It's easily overlooked these days with paperless accounts, you'll have to update the bank on your new address lest the next occupant of your current residence get a nice shiny replacement debit card instead of you.

Security checks can require that you jump through some hoops to change your address, so it's worthwhile checking what you need to do to change it sooner rather than later. Be sure to update the address on all your accounts and cards.


Any current subscriptions you receive will have to be updated. I updated a couple of magazine subscriptions, but you'll have to be wary of other recurring deliveries such as those for contact lens, medications and timed deliveries offered by the likes of Amazon's Subscribe & Save.

Doctor & Dentist

You'll need to update any medical professionals about your change in address. That means you'll need to update your GP and your dentist as well as any other specialist professionals you attend.

Some NHS practices require you to register with another surgery if you're moving out of their catchment area. Of course if you're moving further afield as I am you'll need to find and register with a new doctor and dentist.

Schools, Work, Government

Assuming you're not moving away from your local area and you'll be working in the same place, sending the kids to the same school and dealing with the same government, then you'll need to update them all. If you receive benefits or allowances from the government you'll have to let them know that you've moved.

Fiends & Family

Of course you'll have to let your friends and family know that you're moving so they can send your birthday and Christmas presents to the correct address.

Utilities / Services

You'll need to arrange the cancellation or to move any services you receive at your current residence before you move.

ISP / telephone provider

In my case it's BT; I've swapped the address on my account and an engineer will attend my new address to hook up the connection just before I move in.

Mobile phone provider

O2 for me, in case they send anything on via snail mail.

Council Tax

You'll need to let your local authority know that you're moving house, and update them on your new address and council tax band. They'll work out how much you're liable for month-to-month, assuming you're staying within the same local authority. In my case because I'm moving between two regions I have to arrange a rebate of funds I've overpaid for my council tax. I will of course have to contact my new local authority to set up payments for council tax in my new area.

Gas & Electrical providers

You'll need to contact the company or companies who provide you with these services and let them know you're moving.

Generally they'll ask you for your moving out date and that you provide them a final meter reading on that date. They'll use these readings to settle up your account and rebate or bill you as appropriate. Of course if your new address is served by the same provider it's simply a case of swapping your address and giving final & first readings at each property.

Post Office

In the UK the Royal Mail offer a mail redirection service that can be set up for up to twelve months.


I own and run my own company from my home, everything is registered to my current address and thus I have to update everything associated with it as well.


Similarly to your personal banking account, if your business banking is registered to your current address you'll have to update that too. Luckily I use the same bank for my personal and business accounts so I was able to update the addresses for all my accounts at once.


If you have an accountant you'll need to update them with your new address so they can update their own records and your PAYE information should you be using it.


If your company is registered and operating within the UK you'll need to update HMRC on your change of address. I was lucky enough that my accountant acts on my behalf with HMRC and made the updates for me when I notified them.

Companies House

You'll have to update the company's registered office address via Companies House if it's set to your current residence. It's easy to do on the Companies House website via WebFiling or through the post with a form you can download from their website.


You should update all of your clients, old and new, to your change of address and request that any correspondence or payments made by post be sent to your new address.

Ideally you'd do this up to a week before your move to ensure that you don't miss anything that's in the mail system whilst you are moving.

Your Stationery & Website

All of your company stationery or correspondence which lists your address should be updated. That could mean getting letterheads and business cards reprinted if they show your address.

Your website should be updated to your new address a week or so before you move, so that you're not missing anything in transit when you make the shift. Be sure to also update any advertising and directory listings out there for your company such as those in the Google business listings and Yell.

Remember to update your address in any document templates and invoices that you'll be sending out. This should also be done before your move so that invoices if paid via post arrive at the correct address.

Post Office

Like with personal mail, though at greater cost, the Royal Mail offer a business mail redirection for up to two years.


That covers everyone that I need to get in contact with regarding my address change. If it's at all helpful, you can download a checklist for moving containing everything above.