Smell, Fringe, Mac

Nothing much has been happening of late, other than working. The job at the University is going well and I have managed to bring the application up to a standard where we can start running the evaluations, they'll probably start next week.

We've just this minute got a delivery of the Vortex (smell) cubes that we ordered at the start of the week, from This means that we are more or less set up to start people on their olfactory adventures! If anyone will be around in Glasgow next week and in around 3-4 weeks time, drop me an e-mail and I'll get you to do the experiment (you need digital photos ~500ish).

Everything else is going fine, I'm heading off to Edinburgh for the Fringe tomorrow with Gary and Derek, it should be reminiscent of last years trip, but this time with hopefully more busses!

got my PowerBook upgraded yesterday, a gigabyte of RAM added, bringing it up to 1,536 Mb of RAM altogether. It fucking flies now!

So I'll probably have some more photos to post soon enough and probably a few stupid stories to go with them. Until then,
- Chris