Security and Cryptography 4

Security and Cryptography was always going to be a strange exam for me. The course was interesting enough, it was just boring as hell! Because of that I managed not to go to as many lectures as I really should have. All this meant that I was at Nintendo John's house yesterday, copying a lot of the lecture notes to read for the first time.

The exam was one which I was dreading, I was ill prepared and shitting myself. Hoping like hell that the questions would be on something which I had some clue about. Fortunately (or unfortunately) some of the stuff that I knew came up.

The rubric for the exam was 2 questions out of 3, both for 25 marks. Choosing which question to do was a tough decision. All the questions contained parts which I knew and some which I didn't.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

I had a fair idea about parts of each of the questions, none more so than the others, so I decided that I'd do questions 2 and 3. Not the best exam I've ever done, managed not to answer a few points, writing some bullshit to try and pick up some marks.

Hope it went better than I thought, or that everyone did as badly as me!
- Chris