Ruling 24:7!

That's right, I, Chris Miller am totally ruling the world 24:7!

So I'm writing this post, it's 1:33 AM in the morning and I am finally satisfied with the way this blog is looking. I have painstakingly changed this to be almost exactly as I had created with a blogger template which I wrote. This blog is now powered by WordPress, which is really nice and well recommended by many people who use it. It is so easy to do things which take a lot of time to do in other situations. You want rss feeds? You got it! You want different categories in your blog? You got 'em! Look, it's good right, take my word for it.

Not only have I finally got this blog up-to-scratch, but today, I finished my job, don't all applaud at once, thank you, thank you. Yes the life of a roaming hippy is a good one, and one which I will be practicing to the ends of my ability over this small holiday between summer work and university. I had planned to write my own blogging software, but balls to that now, I'm gonna relax, sit back and soak up the, erm, rain. It seems that I've missed all the good weather when I was working, not to bother it'll be a well enjoyed holiday none the less.

Well there's no time to be sitting around, writing poetry and such to give all you maniacs. I have work to do. Wait, no I don't!
- Chris