As per my previous post, I'm getting a new machine. This is due however, to some unfortunate news: my PowerBook is dead!

The first Mac I ever owned, a PowerBook G4 which has served me very well over the past 5 or 6 years, is pretty much blitzed. My PowerBook and I visited Matt in Edinburgh on Saturday to see if we could revive it to it's previous glory. We managed to pull all the stuff I needed from the hard disk, but that was all the good fortune we had.

It turns out the hard disk was suffering from a S.M.A.R.T. failure and locked up Matt's computer when mounted as a target drive. We eventually managed to format the drive via Matt's old PowerBook and everything looked good, but alas it was not to be - we received kernel panics when trying to install Mac OS X on the drive.

So it looks as if I'll have to fork out for a replacement hard disk, which isn't too big a deal at about £50 for 100Gb which would suit me. Until I manage to get one and install it my PowerBook is out of service.

/me salutes PowerBook, when my copy of the Necronomicon arrives I will bring you back!
- Chris