Project done

The end is nigh, the project has been handed in and the Easter holidays are upon us.

As mentioned, Thursday saw the handing in of the 4th year solo projects and the 3rd year group projects, after this was the compsoc end of term event at Café West followed by the GU.

My project was finished and ready for handing in at 3:30 (30 minutes early!), after handing it in it was off to Jim's Bar via the food factory to grab some lunch.

Then after a few drinks it was Café West time, whilst there we were kept entertained by Stevie, Neil, Steve and Derek all having a pop at DJing for the night. After a lot more drink there it was off to the GU and to The Hive.

Finishing the project is strange, it has been coming for so long, yet now that it's done I'm kind of missing not having to do it. On Friday, after my project demo, I was feeling really charged and ready to do some more work on the project even though I had nothing more to do. I'm sure I'll be able to channel all this drive into my revision, or perhaps playing some computer games!

My photos from the night out are available on flickr. There is a set containing all the photos from the night, or you can view the photos as a slideshow.

I encourage everyone to join flickr and also to join the Glasgow DCS group, here you can add any photos you have of nights out or other things relating to the department, as well as post to the group only forums.

Hope everyone had a fun night and your easter holidays are relaxed and fun.
- Chris