PC Repairs

A while ago I decided that I was going to reformat my PC and reinstall Windows XP on it as it was beginning to get clogged up with crap (as is inevitable with a Windows machine).

Anyway, I started the installation and the computer rebooted, although started to boot off the hard disk rather than the CD. So I went into the BIOS and changed the boot sequence so that CDs came before the disk. Whilst doing this I managed to change another one of the settings by mistake (I think it was the FSB speed), anyway after quitting the BIOS my machine rebooted, I intended to go back into the BIOS to change my mistake back to normal, but nothing happened.

After a few attempts to fix it I decided to leave it. Then another try about a month later at a flat party (yes it's sad, but there were a lot of computing science students there!) a few of the guys had a bash but to no avail, thanks for trying. For a while since then I've been meaning to take the PC to G-Force on Union Street to Dave who works there. Today I did so, and Dave had a good play around with the machine, testing all the parts.

Eventually after testing all the parts and trying another motherboard we deduced that my MSI motherboard was anally raped. So after a trip round to Linx computer shop to buy another my PC was back up and running.

Cheers Dave.
- Chris