Paella, pizza, poker, cigars, beer and wine

So tonight I was sitting in my bedroom playing the computer and my flatmate Rob bangs on my door:

A'right dog, you fancy some paella tonight, Juan (my Spanish flatmate) is cooking some.

And so it begins…

So through to the kitchen I go, only to be confronted by a huge paella dish and Juan cooking one hell of a mean meal. Chicken, beef, rice and veg... about enough to feed 6 people! So we sit down at the table all civilized, to have the meanest meal ever. One hell of a plateful of paella and a few beers later and we were all stuffed.

Then it was onto the wine, a nice bottle of Bordeaux accompanied by more beers. Then I had the ingenious idea of having a game of poker, so it was off to the bedroom to find some cards, after a quick check of the rules on the internet we were off, playing with matches as chips. I then commented that we really need some cigars for this to be a proper poker night. With that myself and Craig (my other flatmate) were off to Oddbins in search of cigars, a hasty 10 minutes later and we were back at the table, more poker and cigars.

After a few more rounds of poker we were all getting a little peckish for something else to eat, therefore the 2 day old pizza was fished out of the fridge and heat up in the microwave then wolfed down by all. More poker, more beer, more wine and some left over paella.

More beer has been supped and I leave you with a text message which Rob got from Juan during the exams before the summer:

Tomorrow I will get fisted and God will shit on me!

Have fun all,
- Chris