On a lazy Sunday afternoon

I'm sitting here writing this blog post by my open window, with a slight breeze blowing and the sun on my face, whilst listening to some classic tunes. It feels just like a lazy summer Sunday afternoon, all I really need is a tall frosty beer and a few pretzels.

Matt suggested to me yesterday that we each blog at least once a day, I feel dubious about doing this as if I have nothing useful to blog I will end up writing a post about what I had for dinner or what other people had for dinner.

So everything is coming together at once, I have my newly updated site up and running now, with just a few minor changes to make before I can start properly populating it. I have, as I mentioned earlier just finished my job, after a long grueling 11 weeks (1 week more than originally intended) I have finished working on the DECS project. It feels good to be free, I can stay up as late as I want, stay in bed all day without feeling guilty, not have to clutter my computer with that hideous, hideous code anymore. Altogether it has been good working on this project, especially getting the opportunity to see what working on such a large scale legacy system (or at least the beginnings of one) is like, by the way I don't recommend it to anyone, at least not to anyone who doesn't like reading lots of source code.

So now I have some extra time on my hands, in fact a hell of a lot of time. I recon that it's time to get myself a new hobby (rather than sleeping, eating and drinking as it has currently been). I intend to learn to play the guitar (properly). I have owned a guitar for years and have never been so inclined to learn to play it to any great extent. With all this free time on my hands I can hopefully aquire some sort of musical skill, if not I can probably get some cool pictures of me holding it... more likely I'll get a whole album of pictures then get bored again. So for now it's off to dust off the axe and try to remember the pitiful number of chords which I once knew.

Are you ready to rock?
- Chris