Meet the Fockers

A few nights ago I went to see Meet the Fockers the sequal to Meet the parents.

Meet the parents was an excellent movie, Meet the Fockers I was hoping would be equally good, and I was not disappointed. The movie followed on nicley from the first, evolving the struggling relationship between Greg (or Gaylord) Focker and his soon-to-be father in law Jack Byrnes.

The plot sees the Byrnes family finally meeting the Focker family in order to arrange the wedding of their son and daughter. There are many laughable name references (X Focker where X is any name you wish) and moments in the film which enduce a chuckle as well as some which had me laughing hard - not to mention Stevie nearly dying of laughter at one point.

A fairly good movie, not a great movie but certainly worth a watch if you enjoyed the first.

You've been Fockerised,
- Chris