Medieval Sniper

I had an awesome dream last night, really vivid, see what you think:

It's a medieval time, there's a big castle, a king, knights; the whole nine yards. I work a job in or around the castle, nothing too high profile, nothing to do with the court or the knights & standing army.

There's a strange mix of technology in this world, there are guns and bombs as well as all the comforts of modern living.

I, for some reason, am some sort of anti-hero. On my travels and throughout my work I gain experience and new abilities. Recently I've gained a skill where I can double jump (a frog-skill as it appeared to me in my dream), yet I've not had much of a chance to try it out. I can run, leap, then when in mid-air jump again and get even higher and further.

Now, it turns out that there's dissent in the air and one of the captains of the palace guard and his son, who is also in the military, are planning a coup and intend to usurp and kill the king!

It's probably worthwhile to note at this point, the captain is being played by the guy who was Q in Star Trek, not that it's really relevant to the story.

I have the pleasure of being invited to court for a celebration of some sort. I'm in no way a guest of honour but I get to meet the big jobs such as a princess and also the king. This is when the craziness starts to go down.

I'm on a balcony with the royal court and there's a massive explosion in the courtyard below. I push some of the folks, king included, out of the way. This is misconstrued by the loyal royal guards as an attempt on the king's life, in their opinion putting me with the separatists.

A chase ensues and I'm hounded through the castle by the guards. They chase after me until I reach the end of a, now broken, balcony - at the unreachable end is a set of stairs leading up into a mountain pass and some caves high up.

Desperate to get away I back up, take a run at the massive gap and leap, I make use of my new frog air-jump skills to jump again and make it all the way across to the stairway - the guards are obviously left behind.

I make my way up the pass as quickly as I can, it's a long climb. I notice that I'm not alone and there's a ghostly woman following me - there's no way she managed to get across the gap after me! She approaches and I recoil, wary of who or what she is.

There is some conversation, nothing specific I remember, but I'm bestowed with a new skill - I am granted a sniper skill, I will be amazingly accurate with the sniper rifle which she then gives me. It's plastic, long with a strap to stow it over your shoulder. I'm also furnished with a box of bullets to use with the gun - they're entirely white and apparently they are the only bullets that'll work with the gun.

Time goes past, perhaps a musical montage would be appropriate, some lyre music perhaps since it's medieval times. I gain some more skills, nothing too interesting; I also form a relationship with the ghostly woman before she moves on telling me that I've been trained and am now ready.

I get some information about the usurper guards and their plan. They have a sniper of their own and intend to have him kill the king from a distance. He's just a boy, perhaps 8 or 10 years old, but I know what I have to do: I have to kill the sniper, the head guard and his son to stop the plot against the king.

I'm also still being pursued by the loyal guards, still thinking me a potential threat to the king; ironic that I could be their only chance to save his life!

I'm making my way into town to take down those threats to the king when the guards are suddenly on my tail. I'm moving between high buildings that're closely packed together, modern day sized yet somewhat rickety and falling to bits as you'd expect of medieval buildings.

I'm in a high floor of a building and have to jump from one window into another building to escape; the guards aren't far behind me and can easily, if somewhat timidly, follow me from building to building. I stay ahead of them by recklessly, and if I say so myself, quite heroically, leaping back and forward between buildings, making my way towards the final standoff.

I'm eventually getting close to where I'll be able to take these guys down. I'm walking along a rickety wooden balcony, high up on the side of a sandstone building. The rooftop of the building across from me is an appropriate place to set up. I have my rifle across my back and I'm ready to leap across.

Just at that moment the guard leading the chase appears on the balcony, he's a friend from the days before this all started. I know he's torn between duty and friendship. He looks into my eyes and knows I don't intend malice but to correct the problems, I give him a curt nod and sprint to the end of the wooden balcony, it starts to come away from the building as I do. I leap towards the building, again, frog air-jumping to make the final part of the leap across. I land behind a wall on the roof, shielded from the view of the rooftop I'm going to be shooting towards.

I get behind some crates for cover and I can see across to the roof I need to target, they're all there. The leader of the palace guard, his son and my rival the young sniper. There are other guards loyal to their cause there and they have hostages, lots of young children running around on the rooftop, scared.

I set up my rifle but they've spotted me. The young sniper starts rattling off shots but I'm too well covered. Other guards are firing but there's no chance they're going to hit me from the other roof.

I line up a shot, I'm not overly confident of my sniper skills yet. I shoot once, hit one of the guards in the shoulder - he's not my target. The other guards start picking up children and holding them up as shields.

I release a few more rounds, actually hitting one of the kids as a guard moves him into the way of my sights. I'm getting agitated so I calm myself, take a breath. I line up the shot, squeeze the trigger and a hole erupts in the middle of the captain's son's forehead, he drops to the floor.

His father looks on to his son aghast at what he's seen. He doesn't look long, I blow a matching hole into his head, right through. I train my gun onto the young sniper, he's lining me in his sights, but he's too slow; a third matching hole in his head is his prize.

At this point the guards who were chasing me break through the door to the roof of the building I'm on and spill out, cutting off my escape. The lead guard, my friend, realises what I've done and that I've saved the king again. Guards at the front of the pack demand that I finish the job and gun down the remaining guards on the opposite roof but I decline. It's their mess, they can clean it up.

One guard moves to take me into custody, my friend waves him off and turns to his side. I take a run and a jump off the roof, then another mid-air jump sees me onto the next building and I'm off into the metropolis never to return to my old life.

The end