Matt takes one in the eye

I am sitting in the fourth year lab, it is an open day here at the University of Glasogw and we've all been having a fun day. After all the fun and games were over we retired back to the lab for some general relaxation and arsing around.

So Matt was standing bouncing a bouncy ball against the wall and was catching it. He was doing pretty well and was catching most of them, only "spazzing" a few. I decided that this was too easy and that he should try and catch the ball in a bucket that was lying around. After a while he had this mastered, I was going to have to think of a more ingenious ways of making it harder. Therefore I said that he should strap the bucket to his head and try to catch it, after a few attempts at catching the ball he had cracked that as well. Therefore I suggested that he should throw the bucket at the ball, trapping it underneath. Matt then bounces the ball off the wall and brings the bucket down over it. The ball then bounces off the inside of the inside of the bucket, off the floor then into Matt's eye. It was a-hell-o'-a-funny, he officially "spazzed" it big style causing some residual pain in his eye socket. He was seen by myself minutes later with his hand to his forehead saying "If I press here it doesn't hurt as much".

After all, in this topsy-turvy world, aren't we all just trying to catch some kind of ball?
- Chris