Mac Gone

So this weekend has been spent drinking, but drinking can have some serious consequences.

Friday was spent at the QM. Nothing to eat + lots of drink = me drunk, add one bag containing a PowerBook and an iPod, leave this bag in the bar then go home.

At about 5AM in the morning, realise that you don't have your bag and conclude that you either left it in the pub or in Stevie's car. The next day phone the QM and ask if your bag was found in the bar. They will tell you that your bag was not found, you then decide that it must be in Stevie's car because you definitely had it when you were in the bar.

After trying to contact Stevie, many times, he will phone you and you will ask him to "tell me you have my bag", he will reply "no man, I don't", you then empty your pants as you have just lost £1,750 worth of electronics not to mention the majority of your university work.

Shit, shit, shit, shit!

Stevie then says he left his jacket and suggests that your bag has been put away with it. You then desperately cling to that last hope that your bag is actually sitting behind the bar in the QM. Later that day, Stevie phones one of the barmen working and he checks, your bag is sitting behind the bar with Stevie's jacket. Stevie then phones you to tell you, you are very pleased to hear this news.

So this just proves that drinking has no bad consequences.
- Chris