LittleIpsum from Dustin Senos is a handy little tool for anyone doing design or programming work who's constantly in need of some lorem ipsum to pad out visuals.

I usually use which has a decent background on Lorem Ipsum as well as a configurable generator.

LittleIpsum on the other hand is a nifty little Mac OS X menu bar app that allows you to quickly grab a couple of words, sentences or paragraphs of lorem ipsum.

Clicking on the menu drops out a quite straightforward interface which you roll over to select the appropriate length of text you want. Once you've made your selection the text is then copied to your clipboard so you can paste it wherever you'd like.

Selecting a range of lengths of Lorem Ipsum from the menu bar icon.

If you're sticking together some HTML templates, LittleIpsum is handy for that too, just Ctrl+Click the menubar icon and the text copied to your clipboard will be wrapped in a p tag.

Handy little thing,
- Chris