Little Italy

Colleen, Jill and I went to Little Italy tonight for dinner (the one on Byres Road; about 0.1 miles away from here). Decent place. Mostly Italian stuff, but with the obligatory pasta and cakes etc (I had a Hawaiian slice; Colleen had a mushroom slice and Jill had a ciabatta).

They have a nifty system for letting you know when your table is ready. They give you this device which is essentially a drinks coaster, except it's about 1cm thick, made of plastic, and contains gadgetry. When your table is ready, lots of LEDs inside it all flash, and it emits a buzzing noise. You then take this little spacey coaster back to the front desk, and you are given your order. Pure disco madness with all these folk carrying a flashing little slab of plastic around.

They don't play any music, but do have TVs on in the background. There's no toilets, but I suppose you could take in a book or tape to learn Italian as you eat. So there could even be an educational portion to your evening (hmm).

We each had a starter and the aforementioned main courses and then Colleen had some carrot cake for dessert, and I had a can of Irn Bru; it all came to god knows how much, probably under £20. Worth a look.