Hobby Journal: Day 7: Bretonnian Archers

Day 7 of 2024. Time to get some paint back on to some of these old Warhammer Fantasy models, fulfiling their 28 year old destiny!

After a zenithal prime of black, grey then white Vallejo surface primer through the airbrush it was on to painting these archers using Army Painter Speedpaints.

Painting massive block of rank and file infantry isn't something I'm used to. I've painted big units of Age of Sigmar units, but those tend to be the exception rather than the rule. I think AP Speedpaints / Contrast paints are going to be invaluable for kocking out large blocks of troops for The Old World.

I split my 23 (annoyingly I've lost one bowman) bowmen into two blocks of 12, I decided upon painting them with two different split colour schemes. I didn't have any heraldry in mind, I just wanted to paint something interesting having never really had the chance to paint Bretonnians properly when I was younger.

I opted for one unit in a red / yellow split, the second in a white / blue. In hindsight I would've probably mixed up the scheme a bit and painted a few miniatures in quarters rather than them all 50-50 splits, but I'm happy with the outcome.

Yellow & Red
Blue & White

I put down a variety of skin tones across the models and varied a few colours in places, but generally kept to the same mixes to save on time.

Finished Red / Yellow
Finished Blue / White

I was happy with the white neck coverings on the Blue / White bowmen, but was swithering on what to paint the collars on the red / yellow ones, so I've left them white for now.