Hobby Journal: Day 5: The Old World is coming!

Day 5 of 2024. It's hype time, the reimagining and rerelease of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles game is coming with the arrival of Warhammer: The Old World.

It's based on a game that was retired almost 10 years ago, which originally came into being in 1983 (making it as old as me, 40 at the time of writing). I've got miniatures from before I fell out of the hobby in the late 90s, some originating from 1996 and some from before even then.

Bretonnians and Dwarfs
Troll Slayers
Throne of Power
Bretonnian or Dwarf

I had the Warhammer 5th Edition starter box which contained a Bretonnian starter force (which is one of the new forces in the upcoming ToW release), so I'm pulling those out to see what I have.

I also had a Dwarf army from back in the early 90s, some of which survived too, so I've been taking stock of what miniatures I have from that line and making plans for them too.

I'm not sure if the Dwarf pictured to the right best fits in a Dwarf or Bretonnian army.

Expect more 28+ year old hobby goals to be fulfilled in the coming days and weeks.