Hobby Journal: Day 1: Hobby Space

So it's been nine (9!) years since my last post. Less than a decade, that counts as an active website with cutting edge, informative content that's keeping up with the kids. Right?

Soulblight Gravelords Bats

I've decided that in 2024 my aim is to be more productive in my Warhammer hobbying. Part of which is trying to spend at least a bit of time each day doing something hobby related. I thought wherever possible I'd post something here to track my progress and keep a bit of a journal of how things are progressing.

It's currently the 9th of January when I'm posting this, but I'm backdating it to the 1st because: 1/. Starting a journal on day 9 reveals a complete lack of foresight on my part, and 2/. it's when I cleaned my hobby space.

Bases, bases and bases

I managed to spend a bit of time cleaning my hobby space, putting everything away in the HobbyZone shelves and drawers I have. Organised all my paints back into racks, cleaned up my hobby tools and stored the many bases I have into a drawer in one of my MDF drawers.

Once the desk was clean it was time to start making a mess again. The first step was to build the three Fel Bats for my Soulblight Gravelords Age of Sigmar army that I received from Badgie at the Dumfries Gamers club for my Secret Santa gift.

There's nothing fantastical to show, but it's the first step. Stay tuned for more.