I've just had my first fire drill here at work. Lilybank is on fire!

Actually it was just a drill, the deafening alarm went off, ringing in my ears. Stumbling, from the pain of the alarm, I managed to lock the PowerBook (I considered taking it with me!) and the PC (which I was definately leaving), and made my way to the nearest fire escape.

Then I went outside for a chat with David McGookin and Stephen Brewster, all very civalised. Then I came back inside. Disaster everted.

Derek had a far more interesting time of it all, he got to bread the dome of escapage:

Chris:just a trial, the fire brigade didn't come
Derek:I got to break the bit on the door
Chris:break the bit on the door?
Derek:it said "Break dome to escape" or something
Chris:ohhh, cool
Chris:and you broke that bad boy!
Derek:broke it to fuck!
Chris:all the way to hell

Life in lilybank is never dull!
- Chris