Downtime and nearly worktime

My server has been playing up for some time and I have just gotten around to fixing it, restarting the virtual machine a few times seems to have fixed whatever problems I had.

Nothing much has been happening at all, I've been sleeping a lot, playing darts and dominos, learning to play a card came called crib, drinking and the odd once and a while, playing World of Warcraft.

Uni's finished and the graduation ball was excellent, my photos of the event are available as are a copy of Lynsey's photos. Thanks to all the people who organised the night and all those who were there and made it an enjoyable evening, the most notable memory possibly being Rory climbing over the Sherbrooke castle roof!

So the summer is starting to plod along, I have moved back to the pub in Dumfries and have just gotten everything into my new bedroom. I'm getting settled back in and have started living healthier (after my junk food filled revision), having joined the local gym and gone on a diet (one week down and 7lbs lost, but a fair few still to go!).

Other than this I am just waiting out the remaining 8 days until I start my summer scholarship on the 1st of July, looking forward to getting back into a routine but also dreading the 4-5 hour roundtrip commute I will have to make every day. I've been thinking about the scholarship and trying to gather my thoughts on how to approach the problem, but there is nothing substantial as of yet to mention, I will post more when I have started the job.

Anyway, life is going fine and I'm looking forward to seeing anyone who will be around in Glasgow when I'm finally back up regularly.
- Chris