Database and Internet Technology 4

So today was host to the DBIT4 exam, one which was either going to be easy enough or a stinger. Fortunately it was relatively well received by all.

Being four out of four questions, I was a bit dubious about some of the course material that I was less clued-up-on coming up. The spread, however, was quite pleasing; covering all the main points of the course - none in too much detail!

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Although most of the paper went fine, I forgot how to update a DB using PHP! Also I just didn't know the CORBA expansion and didn't have a clue about the demultiplexing (didn't read it). I did however draw a COBRA in the exam, labeled it and gave it red eyes.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as well,
- Chris