DAS this look alright to you?

Howdy everyone!

So it's the middle of the night again, this seems to happen to me daily. I'm sitting here at my laptop, thinking about going to sleep then getting up early to carry on working on my DAS exercise. Then I get to thinking about how much I still have to do, then also about how much time I have left to do it... I've left everything too late as usual.

So here we have it folks: It's my first all nighter of this year! I have managed to do way less work than I had hoped to do today. It's strange how having work to do focuses you to do all those things which you normally have "no time to do", i.e. when you are sitting on your arse watching TV.

So far today I have:

That extra hour today really helped me cram all those things into it. I'm just looking for more things to do to put off the inevitable work which I will have to get on with. I think this calls for another chapter of Going Postal, followed by some refreshments and then back to the coding. Oh the joy!

I love university.
- Chris