Clay pots & kettles

I had a strange dream recently, unlike the strange dreams I usually have - nobody was a monster and there was no killing involved.

Every person in the world is given a clay pot, in my dream there was no notion of where they come from, just that everyone always has one. Inside this pot is a clay teapot. All of them, pots and teapots, are made of terracotta; some are ornate, some decorated, others are just plain clay; regardless of how they look, they all serve the same purpose.

The teapot is used to tell if you're a compatible match with another person, it distills the feelings you have for each other and indicates if you could fall in love and be happy together.

There's a museum exhibit showing old pots that've been dug up from centuries old graves. Fossilised remains lie with a pot amongst them, the clay shattered at one side but the teapot inside perfectly intact, preserved through the ages.

Children are given smaller, empty pots. This signifies purity and a child's ability to love without question; they're only given a larger pot containing a teapot when they've come of age.

Some strange poetry to the whole thing, god knows how it was supposed to work though! - Chris