Christmas Cheer

So the boy Mark and I went into town this afternoon. He was up for some Christmas shopping and I just fancied a wander around.

We were just walking into USC and there's a guy (perhaps the security guard) collecting money for some random charity. Mark stops and fishes into his pocket, pulling out his 54p, counting out the 4p and putting the 50 back into his pocket. I feel obliged to do the same, getting a £1 coin and about 30p worth of shrapnel out of my pocket.

Both of us drop the money into the bucket and the guy turns round to say "Thanks". All very fine and well. Then whilst we were walking off, under his breath the security guard says: "Fuck off".

What? I just gave the guy money for standing around with a bucket and he tells me to fuck off. That's the last time I'll be giving money to charity (or the homeless / church / children / anyone).

Merry Christmas. Fuck off.
- Chris