Any takers on my offer?

You know that day, the one that comes around once in a while. The one where something goes wrong and everything else just seems to follow suit. The one where, for no apparent reason at all, you just seem to be pissed off all the damn time. The type of day that you'd quite gladly cosh someone to death because it'd probably make you feel better.

Today is that day.

I'm sitting at home in Dumfries, although I'm meant to be sitting in a lecture in Glasgow, because my lift to the station this morning didn't turn up. I'd usually catch a ride off my dad but he's off on holiday in another country.

Naturally I was a little displeased about this state of affairs. Anyway, everything else today seems to be annoying the hell out of me, my dog's being a pain in the ass and things just don't seem to be going smoothly at all!

For instance my iPod wont connect to my PowerBook through the dock anymore, normally I'd just shrug my shoulders and connect it via the firewire connection which plugs into the dock (which it seems to work perfectly through). However today I'm in a perpetual state of anger, shouting at the dock and threatening to throw it out of the window. Perhaps it's because of this film I watched last night, The Last Horror Movie, which looked as if it was going to be a decent enough film but turned out to be an utter pile of steaming, freshly lain shit (seriously, never see this movie, not even for the sake of curiosity as to how shit it is). Perhaps it's because of this itch I have on my back but can't quite reach.

The thing that seems to be pissing me off the most is the fact that I'm pissed off for no real reason at all.

If you don't hear from me in a while it's because I've murdered someone, been caught, and have been sent down for 20-to-life!
- Chris