An ode, to me!

As I mentioned in my last post, December saw the passing of my 21st birthday. In my parents pub in Dumfries, one of the regulars, June, usually writes poetry for the birthdays of friends. I am no exception, therefore on the night of my party I had a poem read out about myself. I thought I would share this with the world.

Chris celebrates his birthday today,
at twenty one what more can we say,
the quote when a man reaches this age,
that's their final growing up stage.

He's all the man he will ever be,
so we just sit back and wait to see,
if being this age changes his life,
this time next year he could have a wife.

He likes to enjoy his time off you see,
goes up the town single and free,
that's at the moment but just wait,
some poor girl will take the bait.

Then the old sparks will begin to fly,
no longer the apple of his mothers eye,
parties all night and sleeps all day,
likes to do things his own way.

A pleasant lad is our Chris,
with him there is no hit or miss,
always the same no matter what,
what you see is what you've got.

So laid back tomorrow will do,
gets there in the end that's his point of view,
joking aside we think your great,
the future in store is your fate.

Tonight's your night enjoy your fame,
you'll never be twenty one again,
celebrate and have a ball,
let your hair down give it your all.

Don't do anything we wouldn't do,
happy birthday from us to you.

June Walls

Thanks to June for writing such an epic. I'm sure some day children will be reading it in school and be inspired to grow up just like me!
- Chris