1 month on

Good gosh, it's been nearly a month since my last post, that's pretty bad!

A lot has happened since then: Christmas & New Year (you may have noticed), the end of the first term at uni, my 21st birthday and much more.

As for Christmas and New Year, I had a good, however busy, Christmas and a very drunken New Year. I hope everyone has had a equally good Christmas and New Year and that Santa was good to everyone!

For my birthday I had a party back in Dumfries. Derek, Gary, Matt and Lauren all came down from Glasgow to it, thanks guys for coming down. Matt provided me with the obligatory cakes, flowers and porn, Gary and Derek bringing me alcohol, cheers guys. Thanks also John., Troy, and all my friends and family from home who came to the party.

Many of you will have noticed that for the past month this site has been up and down more than a cheap whore's knickers in a busy brothel. The problem I was having was that apache seemed to be crashing and requiring me to restart it every day or so. This problem is apparently caused by a Debian package that was installed on my server. This has hopefully been fixed by downgrading the package to an earlier version. If anyone sees any problems feel free to e-mail me about them.

I have finally got my arse in gear and picked up my matric card from uni as well as sorting out my loan and travel expences are well on their way to being claimed. All in all, I've got my shit sorted out. Hopefully the server will remain up and there will be no need for further tom foolery on my part. Also I will hopefully not leave it nearly a whole month until I post again.

I have gotten out of the habit of blogging (obviously), hopefully I'll find something worthwhile to post soon.
- Chris