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An update on Everything!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mainly due to a lack of internet connection but also because I’m damn lazy. Things have been going well, as I my previous post says, I’ve gotten a job in Glasgow. I’ve now also moved into my new flat and have, finally*, got an internet connection again. (Photos […]


So I’ve got myself a job now, finally. After looking for something in and around Dumfries that would be suitable and finding nothing in my area of interest I opted to look farther a field. Cue Matt, Iain and Stevie, who put me in touch and pretty much got me a job at Clayton Graham […]

Project Management

After looking at how to read, annotate and store papers you’ve read it’s useful to discuss how to organise your research in the scope of a project.

Reading a Research Paper: A beginners guide

A small guide to reading research papers.

Using LaTeX under Mac OS X

Some good tools for using LaTeX under Mac OS X.