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Medieval Sniper

I had an awesome dream last night, really vivid, see what you think: It’s a medieval time, there’s a big castle, a king, knights; the whole nine yards. I work a job in or around the castle, nothing too high profile, nothing to do with the court or the knights & standing army. There’s a […]

Clay pots & kettles

I had a strange dream recently, unlike the strange dreams I usually have – nobody was a monster and there was no killing involved. Every person in the world is given a clay pot, in my dream there was no notion of where they come from, just that everyone always has one. Inside this pot […]

Connectivity in Social Media

I’ve been playing around with various social media sites lately, trying to integrate them so my wealth of assorted knowledge gets to as many of the various places as possible. My Twitter feed now updates my Facebook and Linkedin statuses; scrobbled tracks appear here in the sidebar and on Facebook; Flickr photos appear here […]


I’ve not posted in ages. Sorry. Just a quick post to say that I’m very impressed with the Sainsbury’s delivery service and web store, much more than the Tesco equivalent. I got over £100 worth of groceries delivered within the one hour slot I picked, not the 2-3 hour slots that Tesco use, and everything […]

An update on Everything!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mainly due to a lack of internet connection but also because I’m damn lazy. Things have been going well, as I my previous post says, I’ve gotten a job in Glasgow. I’ve now also moved into my new flat and have, finally*, got an internet connection again. (Photos […]