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The user is an idiot, treat them as such

So, you’re designing a user interface. A user interface that will be used by a user. Users are people. People are sometimes, often, and generally, idiots. Not all users are idiots. Some are intelligent, thoughtful, logical people; but there’s no guarantee you’re going to win the user bingo and end up with one of them. […]

Arguments about design in iOS

It’s been five days since Apple unveiled the designs for iOS7. Since then there’s been a slew of articles about the design of the system; the look, the feel, the shift away from skeuomorphism and the flat-ish approach they’ve taken to interface design. There have been lots of heated arguments on twitter and blogs, for […]

What will the next generation of mobile devices offer?

We all have a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, a huge plethora of different interconnected devices that allow us to share, create and consume things 24 hours a day. But what has the future to offer us? Go back as little as 10 years and the outlook is quite bleak. There are devices capable […]

JavaScript custom controls

I spend a lot of time writing bespoke content management systems, a lot! I’m always trying to add some small, lightweight additions to make the user experience a little bit better. One means of doing this is by providing some better custom controls which give good user feedback and emulate similar offline controls. One such […]

iPhone – Masturabatory pleasure for Mac enthusiasts

Well it had to happen some time, and eventually it has. Apple have released initial details at their Keynote of the new iPhone which will be a combination of the video/photo iPod and a mobile phone.