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Compress CSS with @import statements

I own and run a digital agency called Red Wolf Digital, for the most part my work involves building websites. We use an in-house content management system we call Mercury to build most of the sites we produce for clients. One of the things I’ve been trying to find for some time was a way […]

Ranking results in a site search

In the majority of cases farming out your search needs to a company like Google is a good idea. Simply using the site:[url] command is generally sufficient for most cases. You get a range of benefits from outsourcing things to an external entity: they do all the heavy lifting lots of time and money is […]

Get link to currently playing Spotify track via AppleScript

I was looking around for a means to grab the URL of the currently playing track in Spotify earlier, but couldn’t find anything. I rattled together an AppleScript to do just that and copy the result, including the track and artist name, to your clipboard. “Feel Like Makin’ Love – Bad Company:” I used […]

Pretty UK Vehicle registration years

If you’ve ever wanted to convert a date of a UK vehicle into a nice looking representation of the year code then you’ve came to the right place! I’ve written a small PHP function to convert a given date to one of the following formats: Dates before Feb 1963 [YEAR] i.e. “1960″, “1962″ Dates from […]

Getting and Setting anchors with JavaScript

Something I’ve been playing with recently that’s not very well documented is using JavaScript to retrieve and to update the current page anchor from a URL. It’s very simple to do. In order to retrieve the page anchor (i.e. get test from Setting the anchor to update, for example to it can be […]