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Absent-mindedly absent

As some – or perhaps none – of you will have noticed, this blog has been unreachable for the better part of the year. I had neglected to upgrade WordPress from one of the dot releases and as a result was the target of those pesky hack0rz via an exploited security hole in WP. This […]

New blog theme – Plainscape

I’ve not blogged in a while, although I have been playing with this site, testing various themes that’re out there on the web. I tried numerous dark and light varieties, some heavy on design others not so much, many of the image heavy themes looked nice initially but lacked that overall niceness. I had finally […]

Switching to Dreamhost

I’m currently in the midst of switching my site hosting over to Dreamhost and you may see some disruption in this or some other sites I host. It’ll probably last about a week due to myself getting bored transferring all the files/databases and playing World of Warcraft instead. Just a note to say, if you […]


The new addition to my site, almost. I’ve decided that instead of spreading my photos across the entire site with photo posts in my blog and a separate gallery section that I should really have all the photo related materials together as it probably makes more sense. Thus I introduce to you… Phoblog and my […]

Holy shit!

It’s been nearly three (3) months since I’ve updated this blog. I’d like to say that this has been a statement about something or other, or that it’s been because I’ve been away for that time – but in reality it’s just because I’m so damn lazy. A lot has happened in this time, I’ve […]