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LittleIpsum from Dustin Senos is a handy little tool for anyone doing design or programming work who’s constantly in need of some lorem ipsum to pad out visuals. I usually use which has a decent background on Lorem Ipsum as well as a configurable generator. LittleIpsum on the other hand is a nifty little […]

Copying Mail settings between Mac OS X installations

I’ve just installed a fresh copy of Lion on my machine and much to my dismay I have to set up all of my many mail filtering rules again! Bugger that, instead I had a dig around and decided to copy across the rules from my previous installation. All the rules you’ve set up are […]

Password Schemes

Something that really annoys me, annoys me to anger, is brain-dead password schemes for websites where I’m forced to adhere to some moronic schema for my password to “enhance” security. Upper bounds on password length The most common issue I see across the plethora of inept schemes for passwords is bounds on length. I’m all […]

Using On The Job 3 with Dropbox

I recently grabbed myself an 11″ Macbook Air as I was in dire need of a laptop to use when away from home. The main attraction that I’d be able to work on any freelance projects when I have downtime regardless of where I am. I use a brilliant piece of software called On The […]