Well it’s finally happened, the pair of glasses I’ve had for going on four or five years now has finally given up.

This morning when I arrived at work and sat at my desk I did what I usually do. I took my glasses off and gave them a clean on my shirt. Usually I just put them back on and get to the nitty-gritty, usually sitting sifting through emails to find out if any of the spam is actually useful.

Today, however was a different story indeed, as soon as I placed the glasses on my face I felt a ping and then everything went blurry. I thought that the screw holding the lens into my frames had pinged out again, yes it’s happened before, but alas no! No, the actual frame had broken right at the point where the rim meets the legs, leaving a jagged edge and a confounded Chris.


Anyway, after squinting for a while and ruling out superglue as a means to repair my glasses I eventually had to plump for Jack Duckworthing them using some tape. After which it was a quick call to the opticians to set up an appointment to get tested and some new glasses. To my amazement I managed to get an appointment today, earlier this very afternoon. An hour later and £155 down I’d managed to order two new pairs of glasses which should hopefully arrive sometime next week.

I’m continue to Duckworth until then though!
- Chris

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  1. Sara McPhie says:

    I sat on your glasses.