Music Questionnaire

It’s that time of the year again and I’m doing a project for my degree. This time round things are a little different. Due to my current degree course being research based my project has to also be research oriented. I ask anyone who’s reading this for your help in my endeavor.

I am currently running a questionnaire into how people organise and browse their music collections in order to investigate browsing techniques for browsing large collections (in this case of music) from a sonified and gesture controlled interface. The study will look at the applicability of this type of interface for browsing large collections and attempt to find a suitable browsing method for doing so.

I would kindly ask anyone reading this to fill in a relatively short music questionnaire about how you browse and organise your music collections. It doesn’t matter if your collection is large or small, digital or CDs, all input is welcomed.

If you would take the time to fill in the questionnaire I would be very grateful.
- Chris

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  1. Gordon Maguire says:

    Hi Chris

    I’m also doing a research project at the moment. Deep joy! It’s for a Work Based Learning Degree in Music Production at Middlesex University, UK. One of the tasks I have to complete is a critique of a questionnaire. Do you mind if I have a look at yours and see whether it’s a suitable candidate? Any background on its design would be most helpful too.

    How are the studies going?

    Kind regards